Two years plus a master’s degree,
Yet he’s still searching for a job,
He owes his brothers some money,
And they despise him for it.

Nobody wants anything to do with him,
All of them always fault-finding,
And pinning him to the wall to the wall of shame,
Or at least that’s how he feels.

He’s tired of being strong
He just wants to be left alone,
He has changed a lot,
But no one seems to notice.

He’s really hurting and could use a cry, 
But he is a man and men aren’t supposed to cry,
So he spends all his anger and pain redecorating mother’s house.
He sold some things to create space and the house looks good,
He was just trying to help but she doesn’t like it.

A couple of years later and he is strolling around his beach house,
He wonders what would have happened,
If he hadn’t walked out and never looked back,
He paid what he owed his brothers and mother couldn’t love her house more.

Creed had always been his favorite, always will be,
They sang him a lullaby and taught him to always look on the inside,
They said don’t stop dancing, be free, be careless and believe,
They told him to sacrifice and always give love a chance; just give love to all,
He’s glad he listened.