Should she raise the white flag?

She has struggled with so much in her life,
She knows she needs help,
Yet every time she falls apart
All she does is look in the mirror and cry.
She does not talk to her friends,
Or drink herself silly or party,
So she wonders whether she is NORMAL.

She is used to being perfect morning to evening;
Never knocking over anyone or anything on the streets,
Always getting the best grades, giving the best advice,
Dreaming only the big dreams,
And pursuing them to the end,
But isn’t life more interesting?
So she wonders whether she is CONTENT.

A lot goes on behind the scenes,
Yet every time she steps outside her door,
Her head is so high up and the smiles so white,
That she is always so amazed.
She loves it when the men look her way,
But is too careful to ever let them look deeper;
They might be as surprised as she always is.
Sometimes it gets too hard, too sad to pretend,
So she wonders whether she is COURAGEOUS.

She was not done hiding the fear and the pain,
Yet she let in someone just as troubled, if not more,
Turmoil is all he gave her yet the problem that lies within,
She refuses to face.
She won’t look at him let alone hold his hand,
She refuses to act in the moment,
Because everything always has to be perfect
She’d like some fun, some mistakes, some love…
It’s just that she’s so used to being ALONE.