The boy who had me so blind, I couldn’t see myself (2)

Prayers work. I have never doubted that.

It’s only that I waited almost two years for the answer in this case.

I didn’t expect it because I had been in a daze for months.

If I remembered anything about you, it was falling to my knees in my little house as soon as I was out of the world’s eye view.

I hardly cried but I started to, almost every night, until my chest ached and I felt like I was nearing death but not quite getting there.

So when I met you and said hello, I remembered a friend saying I would know when God spoke. That I would feel it.

In the moment that I said hello, I was light as a feather and not a memory of all the wrongs you did crossed my mind.

There was nothing golden about the hello so why had I spent hours gearing up to it?

It was in that moment that the heartache really ended.

Nothing before that mattered, so next time we meet I will shake your hand and ask how you are.

And mean it.