Heartbreak is just a form of emancipation

Dear Ellie,

One day you will like a boy or a man who will not like you back and will tell you clearly that he does not.
Please listen when he says he doesn’t want you; when he says he cannot give you what you want, that he is unavailable, in a complicated situation, with a wife he cannot leave or not ready for a relationship.
‘Listen’ when he is never the first to initiate communication, send a message or call, and trust your superpower – that sixth sense all women have – when it tells you something is amiss.

Also listen also to me, God and everybody else who cares deeply for you when we tell you that being unwanted by a man does not mean nobody will ever want you.
Listen when we tell you stories from 1,000 years ago about princesses kissing a few frogs before finding their princes.
Listen when we tell you will eventually meet the man you are meant to fit perfectly with and believe us when we say it will be beautiful.

And when you look in the mirror on a bad day, when a boy or man will have told you that he doesn’t want you,
Choose to see the inner and outer beauty that God created for it truly exists,
Choose to see that rejection as a chance at something better … someone better …
Choose to let go completely and save yourself even worse pain.
Choose yourself, choose growth, choose happiness.