Never let this cruel world harden your soft heart

Dear Ellie,

If you are anything like me, the brutality and meanness you will face in this world will soften you to levels beyond your control.
So soft will you be that you will feel compelled to take every broken person under your wing and nurse them back to health.
This is an incredible trait, my dear, but when no one is watching, loneliness will creep in and you will want just one person to take you under their wing, just for a few minutes, so you can rest without a care in the world.

Still, you will soldier through the heavy emotions and reach out to the next person in need,
All the while telling yourself that if God really does exist, he will keep you from being taken for granted and will bring you rest when the time is right.
God does exist and he will do just that.
Always remember that, with every next person you take under your wing, with every night loneliness creeps up on you.