Slow down … breathe … you too need a minute sometimes

Dear Ellie,

Do you ever feel you have no idea who you are and how to represent yourself, personally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, socially and in every other aspect?

Well, don’t rush the quest to find the answers,
For even I only found them at more than 30 years of age, after your grandmother died.
I saw her everywhere and in every little thing I did, sometimes heard her in my dreams,
Telling me to keenly look into where I had come from and where I wanted to go in order to understand where I was.

So my dear, my note for today is a reminder,
To return to your past only if it fights to let you know that you left something special behind,
To let that someone or something go when it’s time, understanding that everything is for a season and a reason,
To embrace your quirks, for someone will love you because of them and never ask you to change,
But to also make changes where necessary, for that is how people grow.

Do these and whatever else you feel is right so that no matter what happens, you will step out with a glow and grace, and live your best life.