Simply stated, you are a masterpiece

Dear Ellie & Ari,

My hope today is that you understand how unique you are.
That you fully grasp the fact that there is none like you in this world,
And see clearly that the presence, gifts, talents and contributions you are supposed to make to this world cannot be anyone else.

Guard against that thing that happens to us all as we grow up;
We meet people who are far ahead in their journeys and give in to the temptation to lift their blueprints,
We copy their steps because of the false sense of certainty they bring us,
We forget that nobody’s plan can be lifted and forcefully used to make another’s life work.

Fighting this temptation throughout your life means getting armoured,
Thin or thick in body, your mind and soul must be one for you to look in the mirror and love what you see,
Artistic or scientific, a higher power must guide you for you to see that earth isn’t our final destination,
Local or international in your reach, let changing lives be your overarching motivation.

My hope today is that you will live fulfilling lives.
That you will milk all the friendships, disagreements, jobs, destinations, trials and everything else life will present you,
And see clearly that your presence, gifts, talents and contributions have a special purpose in this world.